With September just around the corner the back to school rush has officially begun! I don’t know about you but by this time in the summer holidays I just want to curl up on the sofa, with my head under a dozen or so cushions, and sleep!


But there’s no time for that with all the school prep to do! We’ve made a list of some quick and healthy packed lunch ideas so you can check those off your list!




Pasta salads


Pasta salads are great because they can be made ahead of time, are quick, and easy to sneak veggies into. Plus there’s the added bonus that kids love pasta so it’s a win win!


Go for wholegrain pasta for some extra goodness.


Pasta pesto


Super easy and kids love it. Sneak some extra veggies in by boiling some broccoli, then put it through a food processor before stirring it in with the pesto. I also like to add halved cherry tomatoes.



Pasta tomato sauce


If your kids are in the tomato sauce only camp, a good way to add some variety is to blend some cooked veggies and add them to the tomato sauce. Things like sweet red peppers, carrots and cauliflower are easily disguised in tomato sauce!



Potato Gnocchi

Mix things up by switching up the pasta for some potato gnocchi. It’s incredible quick to cook and works well with of the usual pasta sauces. Try a creamy cauliflower cheese sauce like this one for a sauce kids will love with some extra goodness thrown in.





Savoury muffins


These are great, mess-free, easy lunches that can be made ahead of time and frozen! Once you have the basic recipe down you’re free to experiment with different veggies and cheeses.


Broccoli and cherry tomatoes work great, as well as cauliflower or red pepper and spinach. You could even add grated carrot or squash.


Our favourite recipe is this one by Clare’s Little Tots.



Zucchini fritters


Like the muffins, these make great little healthy lunches too. The veggies can be bulk prepared in advance and frozen, so they’re ready whenever you want to cook up a batch. Adjust the spices to your kid’s taste.

Zucchini Fritter recipe



Hummus and veggie sticks


For a super quick lunch, chuck in a tub of humous with some carrot and cucumber sticks!



Good ol’ sandwiches!


For a fail safe option, sandwiches always work. Keep it simple with fillings like grated carrot stirred into cream cheese, or cheese and cucumber.


If your kids like avocado then that’s a great, quick option. Make sure to roast the bread a bit first so it doesn’t get soggy. Mash up an avocado and add some diced tomato.


Choose wholemeal bread over white as often as possible and switch it up with a wholemeal wrap for variety.


Good luck and remember, they’ll soon be back at school so we can catch up on some zzz!