With all the Instagram and Facebook photos of ripped bodies and bikini-clad celebrities, it can be a real challenge not to become caught up in a trying to achieve that ‘perfect body’.

Traditional media has typically portrayed one particular body type cultivating the idea of an ideal which in reality, doesn’t really exist. Despite recent public demand for traditional media to use a more realistic and wider range of body types, social media can be the biggest perpetrator of body-shaming.

Being surrounded by these images and body shaming does nothing to boost our morale or body image confidence.

Here are a few tips to tune out the media and work towards becoming the healthiest version of you



1. Close those Magazines!

Just toss them in the bin! We need to stop comparing our bodies to the images we see in the media, but this can be very difficult when we are surrounded by them wherever we turn. We can help ourselves by limiting our exposure and choosing to forego those magazines, website, TV channels and newspapers that we know are the worst offenders.


2. Positive self-talk

‘I will succeed today’

‘I can achieve my goals’

‘Today I will do my best’

Cut out the negative self-talk and put a positive spin on your internal dialog. This takes some practice, but do it enough and it will become nature! Most of us are terrible at receiving compliments and will automatically counter a kind word towards us with a contradiction. Next time someone says something nice to you, try replying simply with ‘Thank you!’.

And on that note…


3. Never fear failure

We are only human and by nature will face failure from time to time. Don’t beat yourself up, failure is not a negative thing, in fact it’s the best way to learn and alter out strategy to set us up for future success.

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall” – Confucius


4. Get moving

It’s well known that exercise aids weight loss and makes us stronger and healthier, but less well-known is that it’s also great for the mind. Exercise releases feel good hormones (endorphin, dopamine and serotonin), energises us, increases self confidence, and can even help in chronic depression.

So, wrap up and get outside for a walk, hit the gym or stick on some music and dance your socks off!


5. Stop judging yourself

Particularly when it comes to comparing ourselves with others. We are all different, have different likes and dislikes, different strengths and weaknesses, our faces and bodies are different, and we have different experiences. So why would we compare ourselves to others?!

‘I’ll never be as fit as him’

‘She’s so much more successful than me’

Cut out this kind of dialog and aim to be the best version of yourself. Focus on the positive things that make you YOU.